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Harvey Weinstein defense flips the script: Accusers are opportunists, not victims

As Harvey Weinstein’s attorneys interrogated a key accuser in the film producer’s rape trial last week, they repeatedly nudged the jury to consider what the aspiring actress stood to gain from her on-again, off-again relationship with Weinstein.


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DeVos finalizes regulations that give more rights to those accused of sexual assault on college campuses

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Wednesday formally announced new protections for those accused of campus sexual harassment and assault, a controversial move that upends Obama-era guidance she had argued denied due process to the accused.

CNN | MAY 2020

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Feature on Hope’s Door Board Member Dan Schorr

A role model is a person who through their values, attitudes and behaviors, serves as an example by influencing others. Role models take leadership on and advocate for issues that they strongly believe in. Dan Schorr, a fierce advocate for victims of domestic violence, exemplifies what it means to be a positive male role model.

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